Board Information

Southern 14 Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

2017 Board Officers

Chairman: Royce Carter
Vice Chairman: Dean Rogan, Sr.
Secretary/Treasurer: Dawn Williams

The Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) is appointed by the Chief Elected Officials in Alexander, Edwards, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Johnson, Massac, Pope, Pulaski, Saline Union, Wabash, Wayne and White county.  Southern 14 Workforce Investment Board, Inc. works in cooperation with the Chief Elected Officials in these counties to implement the programs of the Workforce IInnovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). It is composed of a business majority, business chairperson and members representing organized labor, local government departments, educators and people with experience at delivering programs and youth services. The Local Board develops the Local Four-Year Plan with the approval of the Chief Elected Official for submission to the Governor. The Local Board selects the Illinois workNet Center operators, selects the service and training providers and conducts oversight of the programs. The Board  (with the approval of the 14 county CEO's) develops a budget and allocates resources necessary to carry out the programs proposed in the Local Plan. It coordinates Workforce Investment activities with local Economic Development strategies and negotiates local performance measures.


The objective of the LWIB is to work together in a sharing and cooperative manner to ensure that the local workforce investment system puts the needs of employers and job seekers first.



■ Members of the LWIB must be appointed by the CEO’s (if multi-county, per CEO Consortium Agreement)

■ A majority of the LWIB members must be from the private sector

■ The LWIB must also contain the required public sector membership

■ In Illinois, the LWIB must have TANF representation

■ The LWIB must abide by the Open Meetings Act

■ The LWIB must elect a chairperson from the private sector

■ The LWIB must establish By-Laws




Majority private sector membership (represent businesses with employment opportunities and optimum policy making authority)  The Officers of the board must be representatives of business. (private sector) 2 Private (Business) Members from each county: Alexander - Edwards - Gallatin – Hamilton - Hardin - Johnson - Massac - Pope - Pulaski - Saline - Union - Wabash - Wayne - White.


Required Public Members:

  • Labor (2)
  • Education (1+)
  • Education – Community College President (1)
  • Community Based Organization (2)
  • Economic Development Agencies (2)
  • One Stop Partners (1+)
  • Workforce Investment Act Title I
  • Wagner-Peyser Act/Employment Service
  • Workforce Investment Act Title II Adult Education and Literacy
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation Act, Title I)
  • Title V Older Americans Act
  • Postsecondary Vocational Education/Carl D. Perkins Act
  • Trade Act/NAFTA
  • Veterans, Title 38
  • CSBG Employment and Training
  • HUD Employment and Training
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Programs
  • Job Corps
  • TANF

Local Policies


So. 14 LWIB Local Policies

Click on Policy Number to view policy


Policy No. Description

So. 14 LWIB


1 Code of Conduct / Conflict of Interest 8.22.16
2 Confidential Medical Information 6.14.16
3 Procurement Policy for Client Services 6.14.16
4 DETS/Rapid Response 6.14.16
5 Trade Program Requirements 6.14.16
6 Supportive Services 6.14.16
7 ITA (Individual Training Account) 6.14.16
8 Training Services Provider Requirements 6.14.16
9 Veteran's Priority of Service 6.14.16

Military Selective Service Compliance

Attachment A - Who Must Register

Form #001

Form #002

11 Career Services 6.14.16
12 Adult Eligibility


13 Adult Needs Related Payments 6.14.16
14 Dislocated Worker Eligibility 6.14.16

Dislocated Worker Needs-Related Payments

NRP Form #001

NRP Form #002

16 WIOA Training Options 6.14.16
17 Disadvantaged Youth Barriers 6.14.16
18 WIOA Youth Bachelor's Degree 6.14.16
19 Program Exit and Follow-Up Services 6.14.16
20 Incentive Allocation Policy 6.14.16
21 Fund Transfers, Re-Allocation and Deobligations 6.14.16
22 Work Experience 6.14.16

Incumbent Worker Training

Attachment A - Request for Funds

Attachment B - Training Project Plan

Attachment C - Quarterly Report

Attachment D - Layoff Aversion 'At-Risk' Indicators


On-The-Job Training

Attachment A - Pre-Award Checklist

Attachment B - Contract

Attachment C - IEP (Individual Employment Plan)

Attachment D - Progress Report

Attachment E - FAQ

Attachment F - Guide

Attachment G - Referral Letter

25 Content Policy for Illinois workNet 6.14.16
26 Illinois workNet Partnership Policy 6.14.16
27 Local Monitoring 6.14.16