Appointment Process


WIOA Appointment Process

WIOA Nomination Form (Instructions)

WIOA Member Appointment Form (Instructions)



■ Members of the LWDB must be appointed by the CEO’s (if multi-county, per CEO Consortium Agreement)

■ A majority of the LWDB members must be from the private sector 

■ The LWDB must also contain the required public sector membership

■ In Illinois, the LWDB  must have TANF representation

■ The LWDB must abide by the Open Meetings Act

■ The LWDB must elect a chairperson from the private sector

■ The LWDB must establish By-Laws


Required  Membership:

Business (51% majority)

Workforce (20% of membership):
Labor/Labor Apprenticeships; CBO for Employment, Training or Education; Employment, Training or Education for Youth

Education & Training:
Eligible Providers of Adult Education & Literacy; Institutions of Higher Education; Local Educational Agencies and CBO's

Governmental & Economic/Community Development:
Economic & Community Development; State Employment Services under Wagner-Peyser; Programs under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act; Transportation, Housing and Public Assistance; Philanthropic Organizations