Committee Members / Meetings

September 15, 2020 Board Meeting Files and Notices

Agenda, 9.15.2020

March 2020 Board Minutes 

WADI Report 3.10.2020

June 2020 Board Minutes

March through August 2020 Board Expenses

Local Plan Conditional Approval 

Local Plan Revised 8.15.20


March 10, 2020 Board Meeting Files and Notices

Meeting Notice: Personnel and Executive Committee 6:00 p.m. 

Agenda 3.10.2020

December 2019 Board Minutes

December, 2019, January and February 2020 Board Expenses

PY18 Audit 



December 10 , 2019 Board Meeting Files and Notices

Agenda 12.10.19

September 2019 Board Minutes

September and October 2019 Board Expenses 

November 2019 Board Expenses

PY19 RFP Adult, Dislocated Worker & Youth Summary 

PY19 MOU Required Revisions



October 30, 2019 Board Meeting

Audio file 10-30-2019


September 2019 Board Meeting Files and Notices

Agenda 9.10.19

June 2019 Board Minutes 

 Board Expenses

June 2019, July 2019, August 2019

June 2019 Board Meeting Files and Notices

Agenda 6.11.19

March 12. 2019 Board Minutes

March, April, and May 2019 Board Expenses 

Executive Directors Comments 6.11.19

Executive Committee   5.1.19

Finance Committee Meeting Notice 6.3.19

Nominating Committee 6.11.19

 One-Stop Committee

Oversight Committee Meeting notice 6.6.19

Personnel Committee Meeting Notice 6.3.19

Policy and Planning Meeting Notice 6.10.19


March 2019 Board Meeting Files and Notices

Agenda 3.12.19

December 2018 Minutes

Financial reports for Dec.18, Jan. 19, Feb. 19

Meeting Notice

PY 17 Audit 

Career Planner review

Compliance Monitor review

Executive Director review

Fiscal Officer review


December 2018 Board Meeting Files and Notices

Agenda 12.11.18

September 2018 Minutes

Finance Reports for September, October, and November 2018

One-Stop Committee

MOU Determination   PY18 Signed MOU   WIA#26 Application Certificate for One-Stop Center

Executive Committee

2018 Adult & DW Services RFP-SDC      2018 Adult &DW Services RFP-WADI     Adult and DW Services Certificate of Publication      Adult and DW Services RFP                                Executive Committee Meeting Adult & DW  Oversight Committee Adult &DW RFP 

2018 Youth Services RFP  Executive Committee Meeting-Youth  Youth Certificate of Publication  Youth Committee Meeting- Youth RFP  Youth RFP SDC  Youth RFP WADI

 Policy and Planning

Local Policy # 11 Career Services  Local Policy # 19 Program exit and follow-up Local Policy # 19 Program exit and follow-up   Local Policy Changes Summary  



September 2018 Board Meeting Files and Notices

Agenda 9.11.18

June 2018 Minutes

Finance Reports for June, July and August 2018


June 2018 Board Meeting Files and Notices

 June 2018 Board Meeting Committee Reports:

Listing of Meeting Memos

Finance  Personnel  Oversight   Policy and Planning  One-Stop  


 PY17 Modification  PY18 Allocations


PY18 Admin Budget & Salary and Benefits 


Audit Responses and Evaluations from  Botsch Bowling Kerber Watler

Audit Summary

Policy and Planning 

Changes to Local Plan Adult Priority of Service Code of Conduct Fraud Awareness  OJT Exit and Follow-up


 PY18 Memorandum  of Understanding  MOU



March 2018  Board Meeting

March 2018 Board Meeting Committee Reports:

Board Committee List (Updated  11.29.17

 December Board Meeting agenda 12.12.2017

December Board Meeting Sept. 2017 Minutes

December Board Meeting Finance Reports

December Board Meeting Personnel Committee

December Board Meeting Finance Committee 

December Board Meeting One-Stop Meeting Notice 

December Board Meeting PY17 MOU Revisions 

December Board Meeting Policy and Planning Committee


Committee Meetings

Each committee meets on an as needed basis. Committee members will be notified and meeting information is mailed to members 5 days prior to the meeting date.

A $15 meal stipend and a travel reimbursement at the mileage rate established by the Federal Government (General Services Administration) shall be paid to each board member attending a Southern 14 monthly board or committee meeting.

Committee: Members:
Employer Engagement: Lori Cox (Chair); Neil Wagner
Executive Committee: Includes Board Officers and Committee Chairs


Dawn Williams (Chair); Randall Rushing (Vice Chair); Connie Duncan
Individuals with Disabilities: Vicki Mayfield (Chair); Lena Hicks (Vice Chair); Trina Warren; Rick Wilson
One-Stop: Dean Rogan, Sr. (Chair); Denna Williams (Vice-Chair); Andrea Hays
Oversight: Chris Howton (Chair); Bob Wolfe (Vice Chair); Beth Wilson
Personnel: Kevin Fetters (Chair); Larry Steward (Vice Chair); Brad Cross
Policy-Planning: Ginger McBride (Chair); Les Hardin (Vice Chair); Tim Hocking
Youth: Wayne Eichorn (Chair); Penny Valentine (Vice Chair); Lawrence Fillingim; Jay Edgren


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